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Countries that we have deployed to in the Middle East include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait.


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Asian countries that we have deployed to include Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan and Singapore.

Local Presence, Global Reach.


The high demand for Filipinos can be traced to the following wide-known traits and attributes.

Filipinos value their work

They recognize the importance of their job and they do their part to help the company grow and be successful. They know that it takes action, effort and skill to add value to the company and this is why they are always considered for higher positions.

Filipinos are fast learners

Equipped with a good grasp of English language, Filipinos are quick and easy to train. They are also very willing to help by sharing what they have learned to others.

Filipinos are customer-oriented

It is in their nature to serve each customer with utmost care and concern, with a warm smile on their faces. This is the reason why Filipinos are the most sought-after not just in the service sector, but in healthcare industry as well.

Filipinos have a strong will to succeed

If you ask a Filipino why they would like to work overseas, their most probable answer would be, “To be able to provide for my family”. This shows that Filipinos are willing to sacrifice being away from their loved ones and surpass obstacles in order to give their families a brighter future.

Filipinos are flexible

As a culture that values team work, Filipinos are always willing to lend a hand to a co-worker in need. This trait enables Filipinos to learn new skills and be valuable in the workplace as they are multi-tasking and reliable.

Filipinos are resilient

Growing up in a country that is prone to natural calamities and disturbances have made the Filipinos strong to face any adversity. They know how to pick themselves up from any challenge because they are natural problem-solvers.

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